Jan 04, 2023 - First entry!

😵 - while (money>0)

Hi! I'm not sure how long I'll keep up journaling, but it's something I wanted to try out! I think since my first entry is only a few days from New Years I should write about my goals for this year! My goals for this year are mainly centered around coding and stuff, I think. I want to learn new languages for game development, improve my CSS, and learn Javascript. I would also like to release a few side projects I've been working on sometime this year.

This year is my last Computer Science class available at my school, so I'll have to find ways online to learn (for free, because I'm broke). I plan to learn C# for Unity, and I think I found a decent course offered by Sololearn. I used to use Sololearn when I was younger, but now it's riddled with "Sololearn Pro!!!", which is lame. In CSS, I want to get better enough to the point where I'm confident in my ability and not second-guessing myself. I feel pretty strong in HTML for sure, and fairly strong in CSS, but I think I still have a way to go. I might look for a more in-depth course for CSS since my school didn't. And as for Javascript, I have 0 clue. We were taught it, but it wasn't for very long and I didn't retain any of the information. I think I can read Javascript pretty well, but I can't write it at all. So, in short, I just want to improve CSS, learn Javascript, and learn C#.

And as for the other projects I'm working on, there's a few. I have a separate neocities site dedicated to all of the blinkies I can find, mainly so I can hotlink it easier, but also because it'd be a good resource for others to use. It's not a main priority right now, but at some point I'd like to make it look better with CSS and such. If I could, I'd also like to get it so when you click on a blinkie/stamp/button/etc it copies the hotlink to your clipboard. I am also working on a Minecraft Launcher so I can manage my mods and versions easier, similar to GDLauncher, but it's also not a priority. My second highest priority right now isn't one I can go on depth on, but it's for one of my friends. Like an actual, professional website, instead of the cooler ones people on Neocities make. My goal is to finish that by Summer. My highest (web development) priority is my own website. I'd like to finish the other empty pages and add new content at least like once a month from there.

I think that's all I have to write about for now, so I'll be logging off for the night.

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